Food and Beverage Services at Erbil International Airport

In 2014 Bitco was awarded a contract to develop Food and Beverage Services at Erbil International Airport.

Despite the instability in the region, there can be little doubt that these activities have had an adverse effect on businesses generally, however Bitco continued its obligations and has invested heavily in order to fulfil its commitments and obligations towards the business.

Bitco Introduced Avesta Café and Erbil Bar and lounge to offer variety of services to the passengers and airport staff, services include Modern café with a vast menu, Bar and Lounge and high quality staff canteen, all based on international standard.

The result, Bitco transformed the F&B service at the airport and increased the number of the outlets from 4 to 9 outlets operating 24 hours every day rather than 12 hours.

The aim is to grow the business in line with EIA vision to diversify and improve the service and the passenger experience in the Airport.

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