Turnkey Solutions



Providing the client first class quality equipment sources and high quality workmanship

  • Equipment needed in the Generation, transmission, and distribution of energy,
  • Proper design and manufacture of mobile and fixed stations to meet the Customer,
  • LV and MV switchgear and panels,
  • Distribution and Power Transformers,
  • Energy Distribution and Transmission projects contracting,
  • Engineering consultant

Civil and Prefabrication

High quality workmanship and reliability underlines are entire work ethic

Bitco have signed a collaboration agreement with Al Baddad International, one of the leading manufacturer in Middle East for prefabricated units and other types of business solutions, with Bitco presence on the ground and Al Baddad products, we are fully capable to provide the following services to our clients:

 What We Do

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the design and supply of prefabricated construction solutions for low cost, rapid deployment buildings designed to respond exactly to your accommodation requirement.

Project and Building Design Consulting

Choose from a range of standard building designs or let our team provide specialist design and build solutions to meet your prefabricated building needs and budget expectations.

Specialist Procurement

Working with our specialist manufacturing and construction partners we can provide fast, reliable, low cost integrated accommodation solutions in the world’s most remote locations.

 Integrated equipment and service supply

Benefit from our network of experienced and reliable supply partners for a full ‘turnkey’ service incorporating equipment sourcing and supply, international logistical support and on site installation services.

Ongoing support

Providing continued after installation support and monitoring to maintain buildings and ensure continuity of consumable and equipment supply.

Designed to meet your budget

Our design team can customize existing designs or create a unique new design based on specific customer requirements. Our priority is to provide the most cost effective solution based on your budget.

Designed to suit your climate

With years of experience and a portfolio of projects, our design team are well placed to offer valuable advice on climatic conditions and prefabricated construction solutions best suited to the building location.


Supply Chain

Multinational distribution, supply chain solutions, and logistics

BITCO specialises in multinational distribution, supply chain solutions, and logistics through trade with global business partners which ensures quality goods supply and services to different parts of Iraq, Turkey, UAE, USA, Europe and China.

In our centrally located offices in Dubai, we have very experienced and professional experts on procurement in general providing competitive rates for the supply of products and services to all our customers and clients with in-depth knowledge of the middle east  market. This is the reason why we are thriving to ensure that we offer all our clients something better that value and uniqueness, but an absolute 360-degrees level of service.


IT and Telecommunication

IT solution for Oil and Gas Companies in Iraq

  • Experienced providing customized, cost-effective IT solutions.
  • Provides VSAT services for many enterprises in oil, security and private industry.
  • Turnkey ICT solution provider and can also provide wireless, networking, hardware and software solutions
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Europe
  • Helpdesk and support engineers in Erbil with direct support by our international IT experts and our office in Dubai
  • BITCO IT engineers are experienced in complicated projects in remote
  • locations in Iraq

Robust Technical Services

  • VSAT Service KU Band, C Band & Ka Band with Backup solution
  • Backhauling using VPN and MPLS Technology
  • Design, Supply and Install Structural and Infrastructural Networking & Fiber Optic Networks
  • Providing International Communications Through US and UK DID Numbers
  • Dedicated Internet and Private Connections
  • Reliable Backup Solutions to ensure 24/7/365 of Internet Connectivity.
  • Video Conferencing and Broadcasting Services
  • Guaranteed Voice Over Satellite
  • Virtual Network Operator (VNO)
  • Mobile (GSM) Backhaul
  • Data Centre
  • Call Centre
  • Helpdesk Support 24/7/365.
Turnkey Solutions
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