Catering and Facility Management

Meeting the demands of growing markets

BITCO Group’s catering unit was setup to meet the demands of growing markets in the region which brought forth an ever growing demand for quality food catering and facility management services. BITCO’s catering clients has covered vast segments of the market: Oil and Gas companies, NGO’s, airlines, airports, hospitals, to name a few.

BITCO committed to providing world-class catering quality services & Facility Management and our capacity to provide complete Catering and related solutions for the following services:

  • Inflight Catering (For Airlines & Airport)
  • Hospital Catering
  • Ministries & Government entities catering
  • Oil & Gas Catering
  • Schools & Universities Catering
  • Events Catering
  • Boxed Lunch Catering
  • Mobile Catering
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