Trading & Agencies

Trading and Agencies Emerging markets present many economical ambiguities as supply chains, infrastructure, and trading methodologies are created and streamlined within the economy. BITCO has been able to cast off these burdens and as we provide:

  • Trading Support
  • Logistical Support
  • An All-Inclusive Turnkey Package

Harley Davidson

A reliable doorway to the market in Iraq and Middle East.

Bitco is a Harley-Davidson appointed dealer in Kurdistan / Iraq. We are always proud to be the agents for the world’s iconic motorcycle brand and this has always given the hope of making a better lifestyle for all. The Harley Davidson Motorcycle is the world’s best motorcycle that has been recommended by the military organizations, bike enthusiast, and police.

Hunter Building

Perfected from the Outside In

In 2017, Bitco engaged with Hunter Building to be their sole agent for Iraq, Hunter was the first in the industry to:

  • Commercialize blast-resistant modular buildings in the United States
  • Submit buildings to actual physical blast testing
  • Provide full turnkey services on a global scale including transportation, on-site services, and installation. https://www.hunterbuildings.com

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