Business Units

At BITCO Group, our diversified portfolio of business units is designed to offer specialized solutions across a multitude of industries. Each unit leverages its unique expertise to deliver unparalleled service and drive business success for our clients.

Food & Beverages

Our Food & Beverages unit is committed to delivering world-class catering and facility management services across a range of market segments.

Trading and Distribution

Our Trading and Distribution unit excels in offering strategic trading support and fostering exclusive agency partnerships to navigate complex markets effectively.

Real Estate Development

Our Real Estate unit is focused on developing and investing in high-value properties, ranging from commercial zones to large-scale residential projects.

IT Solutions

BITCO stands as a trusted partner, specializing in Odoo ERP software solutions. Our commitment is to transform and optimize business operations by providing tailored Odoo ERP solutions, designed to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and foster sustainable growth.