Our Group

A simple yet effective organisation structure

BITCO is a world class group – cliché though it may seem – in many respects it has a family spirit in a corporate structure. From the many people who have been with us for 10 years or more, to the most recently recruited, all share a common ethos of co-operation in pursuit of a single entrepreneurial vision. A company is only as good as its people. Only their commitment and loyalty can deliver the service and performance our stakeholders expect. Our people are strongly motivated, both through opportunities for personal development and by results-related financial rewards. We are all crew, there are no passengers.

Through its link to vast wealth and professional experience, BITCO has created a number of business models characterised with high potential. With our head office strategically located in Dubai we are able to effectively provide full support for our procurements and supply operations all over Middle East. Apart from that, you can also find our support offices in areas like; Auckland, New Zealand, Dubai, UAE, and Erbil, Iraq.

BITCO Management

A simple yet effective organisation structure

Our organisational structure is a simple one. The Board of Directors defines the company’s vision and its business development strategy. The Business Unit subsidiaries operate under their respective divisional heads. They share an infrastructure that is the backbone of the company.


In order to maintain and ensure a multinational solution provider in emerging markets with high potential such as Iraq, we have employed professional experts to provide the best managerial services in our group. All our experts have a western education background, have got a vast range of qualifications, hence they have the multi-generation experience anyone would expect in the economy of the Middle East which puts the BITCO group as the bridge between the international companies and Iraqi Middle East business element. Through this, we have ensured that a proper communication between these two parties has been greatly enhanced all over UAE and Iraq.

BITCO Membership

World-class group with a solid financial standing

Whenever you are looking for a world-class group that has an unshakable financial standing needed to undertake extensive and significant projects, besides having the governmental authorization, then look no further from BITCO. Based in Dubai, we are also a first class rating member of the Baghdad Chamber of commerce and also a member of the New Zealand Chamber of commerce. Apart from this, we are also a member of the Dubai Chamber, Erbil Chambers of Commerce, and a registered vendor status with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) of Kurdistan Regional Government under the vendor number 00330. Lastly, we are the best and most qualified service providers for gas and oil companies.


Emerging Markets

Tapping into high-potential markets in the Middle East region

BITCO is a UAE based group that is highly dedicated to the Emerging markets. For instance, the market in Iraq is an emerging one with great potential. BITCO’s focus is aimed at three different areas that include development, transference, and growth of the people’s skills in all the areas we maintain. We also ensure that we create and integrate a project of a workforce in every project that we undertake. For a better workforce, we carry out both project inception and completion, hence we have been able to create a better, transference and extensive experience in different areas of the market.


Never leaving local communities behind through our Corporate Social Responsibility vision

The BITCO group has established several programs that ensure we involve the local communities  in the areas we operate. One of the endeavours we are proud of is the setup of clubs and youth programs in Iraq that have been greatly supported via hosting a full scale and different multi-tier youth tournaments. We have also involved ourselves in different humanitarian activities and through this through such programs.